Obsolete ArcGIS Enterprise patches

Last Published: February 14, 2024


Esri releases ArcGIS Enterprise patches to provide fixes for functional defects and security issues. As more patches are released for a specific version of ArcGIS Enterprise, fixes from previous patches are often included in the most recent patch. All fixes included in a given patch are listed in the Issues Addressed list on the patch page, which will note both new issues addressed and, when applicable, fixes accumulated from previous patches.  If a newer patch includes all of the fixes released in an older patch, the newer patch supersedes the older patch. This means the older patch is no longer necessary as all fixes addressed in the older patch are now addressed in the newer patch. 


If an older patch is superseded by a more modern patch, the older patch will be considered obsolete. It will be indicated that the patch is obsolete through updates to the Patches and Updates page on the Esri Support website.

Obsolete patches listed on the Esri Support website will be updated with a notice that the patch is now obsolete and a link to direct users to the patch superseding the obsolete patch. All fixes included in the patch will be noted in the Issues Addressed list on the patch website.

Obsolete patches will also no longer display as available in the Patch Notification utility.

Obsolete patches are still supported in the environments they have been installed on; there is no need to uninstall them. This includes receiving support through Esri Support. With that said, if there were an issue identified with an obsolete patch, Esri would not re-release a corrected obsolete patch but would instead direct customers to the newest available patch.

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