Number of polyline features that can be included in the initial creation of a geometric network is limited

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When creating a geometric network from existing feature classes, there is a limit to the number of features, specifically polyline features, that can be contained within the feature classes.

Depending on the schema of the geometric network, the limit is anywhere from 10-20 million polyline features. This number varies depending on the following factors:

• the number of simple vs. complex edge feature classes
• the geometry of the features in any complex edge feature class
• the number of weights assigned to the geometric network


This is due to a known limit in the geometric network creation process.


There are three workarounds for this problem. The first two workarounds involve creating the initial geometric network with a subset of the total number of features, and then loading the remaining features into the geometric network.

Since these workarounds involve features circumventing the geometric network creation process, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the features have been integrated correctly prior to implementing either workaround. Before implementing either of these workarounds, contact Esri Support Services to ensure the workaround is applicable to the situation. See Related Information for a link to Esri Support Services.

  • Use the Object Loader in ArcMap to load the remaining features into their relevant feature classes.
  • Use Check-out\Check-in to load the features into a Check-out geodatabase and check them in to the geometric network.
  • Use ArcGIS 10 to create the geometric network. The geometric network creation process has been rewritten at 10 to remove the limitation experienced in previous releases.

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