No green arrow for Jakarta ISAPI filter when configuring Tomcat with IIS 6.0

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When configuring Tomcat with IIS6 for ArcIMS, one of the steps is to add an ISAPI Filter called 'Jakarta' in the Properties dialog of the Internet Services Manager on Windows 2003. After a restart of IIS, there should be a green arrow for the added filter. This green arrow does not appear in some cases.


Missing permissions or missing and incorrect registry keys for the isapi_redirector.dll are often the cause of the green arrow not appearing.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Retrace the steps according to the Knowledge Base installation article for the specific Tomcat version; for example, see Step 5 in the article for Configuring Tomcat 4.1.12 with IIS 6.0
  2. Add read permissions for the user accounts IUSR_machinename, System and Authenticated Users to the Tomcat installation directory.
  3. Restart the Windows services 'IIS Admin' and 'WWW Publishing Service'.
  4. Launch the default website by opening a Web browser and typing the URL http://localhost. A site called 'Under Construction' or a window with information on IIS should appear.

    This procedure appears to initialize IIS. Check the Properties for the Web site again, the ISAPI filter for Jakarta should now show a green arrow.

    If the site does not appear when browsing to http://localhost, check the security settings for the Default Web Site in IIS.

Article ID:000006770

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