NIM095381: CityEngine transposes the linear units of exported 3D models from feet to meters

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When exporting a CityEngine 3D model to a file geodatabase multipatch feature class, linear units of feet are converted to meters, but not the numeric values. That is, a measurement specified as five feet is converted to five meters.

When drawing a model in a CityEngine scene that has a projection with a linear unit of feet, it may be necessary to specify certain sizes for the model (i.e., width, height, etc.) using the Numerical input box, then further extrude it to a 3D object.

For example:

1. Specify a coordinate system for the scene that has linear units in US Feet:
2. Create a shape in specific size:

3. Extrude the shape to a 3D model:
If the model is exported to a file geodatabase multipatch feature class and then measured in ArcMap or ArcScene, the specified units (width, height, etc.) are recorded in meters instead of feet.


This is a known issue.


Resize/rescale the model using the 3D Editor toolbar in ArcScene to make it line up properly with the rest of the data.

The 3D Editor toolbar

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