The Nearby Restaurants Infographic template fails through the Summary Reports tool when the Business Analyst Data Source is set to the 2021 installed Canada dataset

Last Published: January 19, 2022


The 'Nearby Restaurants' infographic template has been removed from the installed 2021 installed Canada Business Analyst dataset. This template causes an indefinite freeze of the ArcGIS Pro application when selected in the Summary Reports tool.


ArcGIS Pro Business Analyst is unable to process the business data filters used in the Canada Nearby Restaurants Infographic template.


The workaround consists of accessing the template and associated data from the online Canada 2021 dataset.

Ensure that you are signed in to ArcGIS Online to access the templates from the online dataset.

Access and populate the Nearby Restaurants template from the online Canada dataset

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, click the Map tab.
  2. In the Inquiry section, click Infographics.  The Infographic cursor activates.
  3. Click the features on the map to include in your Nearby Restaurants infographic. The Infographics window opens.
  4. In the Infographics window, open the Templates drop-down menu and select Nearby Restaurants.

The infographic opens, displaying business data points on a map and the associated restaurant names in a list.

Export the infographic

  1. In the Infographics window, click the Export Infographics button, symbolized with a green arrow.
  2. Select a format in which to export the infographic.
  3. Click Export.
There is a credit cost associated with viewing and exporting Infographics from an online dataset. Learn more about credit consumption here.

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