MSD cannot be displayed in Map Path Editor in an Asian locale

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When a map service definition (.MSD) is created from a non-unicode shape file, it cannot be displayed in Map Path Editor in an Asian locale.


Map Path Editor does not recognize non-unicode map service definition document.


Shape files must be converted to file geodatabase using ArcCatalog or the Catalog window in ArcMap.

1. Right-click the file folder in the Catalog tree where the file geodatabase is to be created.

2. Point to New.

3. Click File Geodatabase. A new file geodatabase is created in the location selected.

4. Rename the file geodatabase by right-clicking the file geodatabase name, selecting Rename, and typing a new name.

5. Right-click on the newly created file geodatabase, click Import, and Feature Class (Multiple).

6. A window opens for entering Input Features. Click the folder icon to browse the location of shape files. Select shape files and add them. Verify that the location of the output geodatabase is the file geodatabase created in step 4 and click the OK button.

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