Modify the ArcIMS 4.0 scripts to run more efficiently on Linux RedHat 7.1

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The aimsauthor, aimsdesigner, aimsadmin, and aimsserc scripts that come with ArcIMS 4.0 for Linux, reference the Korn shell (ksh) by default. The following modifications will aid ArcIMS 4.0 scripts to run more efficiently on Linux RedHat 7.1.


Scripts are written to run on Korn shell (ksh). Use the steps below to change one piece of line code to make the code reference the appropriate Bourne shell.

  1. Before modifying, check to see if you have 'sh' and 'bash' installed on your system. To do so, at the shell prompt type:

    % which sh

    If the Bourne shell is installed you will see something similar to:


  2. Navigate to the directory in which the scripts are located:


  3. Open the script aimsauthor in a text editor such as 'vi'.
  4. Change the first line from




  5. Save and close aimsauthor.
  6. Run the script by opening the Author Application at the prompt:

    % aimsauthor

  7. Repeat these steps to change the remaining three scripts: aimsdesigner, aimsadmin and aimsserc.

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