Modify feature classes from the ESRI Data and Maps CDs

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to convert the SDC feature classes from the ESRI Data and Maps CDs to shapefile feature classes.

Export the SDC feature datasets to another format to modify them as they are read-only.


The following instructions use the cities feature class as an example.

  1. Insert United States (CD 1) into the computer CD-ROM drive.
  2. Start ArcCatalog.
  3. Click 'Connect to Folder'.
    [O-Image] ConnectToFolder
  4. Select 'US_CD1 (D:)' under 'My Computer' and then click OK.

    The drive letter varies depending on which drive letter is assigned to the computer CD-ROM drive. Apply this difference to the rest of the procedure.

  5. In the right-hand frame or Catalog Tree, locate the new link to D: and expand it.
  6. Click on 'census' to display the contents.
  7. In the Catalog tree, click on 'cities' to expand the Feature Dataset.
  8. Right-click the cities Point Feature Class, mouse over 'Export', and select 'To Shapefile (multiple)'.
    [O-Image] export_to_shapefile
    To convert only selected features, for example by state, select 'To Shapefile (Single)'. This dialog box includes a SQL Statement option, and allows the file to be renamed.

    The remaining steps in this procedure apply to using 'To Shapefile (Multiple)'. Refer to the 'To Shapefile (Single)' tool dialog box for additional help with that tool.

  9. Notice 'cities' under Input Features in this dialog box. Using the catalog tree, find other datasets to use. Click and drag the Feature Classes into the Input Features input box.

    The feature classes are under the feature datasets.

  10. Click on the browse button next to Output Folder and select the folder to store the data. Do not open the folder; highlight it and click Add.
  11. Click OK in the Feature Class to Shapefile (Multiple) dialog box. When the processing completes, close the process dialog box. The output shapefiles are now editable in ArcMap.

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