Michigan Georef projection has issues with GRID format

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Outputs from the project tool or other raster tools results in a large shift in data from Michigan using the Michigan Georef projection.


The azimuth parameter is not being correctly written into the prj.adf file.


Be sure ALL ESRI applications are closed when editing prj.adf files. Not closing these applications may cause corruption of data.

  1. Run the tool that is causing the output to be incorrect.
  2. Shut down all ArcGIS applications once this is completed. A new output grid should be created upon completion.
  3. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the original 'grid' folder. There should be a number of files within this folder.
  4. Open the prj.adf file with Notepad.
  5. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the output 'grid' folder. There should be a number of files within this folder as well.
  6. Open the prj.adf file with Notepad. Both prj.adf files should be open in two different Notepad windows.
  7. In the output file, look for "Azimuth at center of projection" shown in green highlight below. Compare this to the original file where it says "Azimuth at the projection's center".

    The value for the original is in decimal degrees and the value for the output is in degrees minutes seconds. ArcGIS is incorrectly writing to the output file in degrees minutes seconds rather than decimal degrees.
    [O-Image] Example of prj.adf for Michigan Georef
  8. Copy the input value and paste it over the output value.

    In the above example, "337 15 20.016" should be replaced with "337.25556".
  9. Click File > Save.
  10. Load the new file into ArcMap. The output grid file should display properly.

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