Measure tool: status bar shows only segment length

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

When I use the measure tool, the status bar shows only the Segment Length. I was expecting to see both the segment length and the total length. Why is this happening?


Most likely the number format has been set differently than the standard format. Perhaps a script or extension that you are running has a line of code that sets the default format. For example:


If this line is in your Startup file for Arcview, you should remove it, since it will affect all sessions of Arcview. If the line is not in the startup file, the format is only set for the current session.


You can remedy this by setting the number format back to the standard. Open a script editor window, and type in the
following line of code:


Compile the script and run it. After doing this you should see the results from the measure tool to be what you expected.

Setting the default format, however, may have other effects if a script or extension specifically sets the default format. You could try turning off the extensions that you do not need and save the project. Quit Arcview and restart it with a new project. From the project pull-down menu, choose Import and then select your project. Your old project
will be imported into the new project, and in many cases the default number format will be back to normal. If you
run a script or extension that changes the format, you'll be back to the problem with the measure tool results.

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