Marker symbols overlap with each other in ArcMap Table of Contents

Last Published: April 25, 2020


A point marker symbol can overlap other symbols in the ArcMap Table of Contents (TOC) if the symbol has a relatively large Y-offset.


The TOC adjusts the vertical space required for each entry based on a symbol's size; extra space is created for larger symbols. However, the TOC does not provide extra vertical space to account for symbol offset.

Consequently, if one or more symbols in the TOC have Y-offsets, they may overlap other symbols.


  1. Click the symbol in the TOC to open the symbol selector.
  2. Click Properties to edit symbol properties.
  3. Create a new level for the symbol, make this level transparent, and increase the size of the new level.
    A. Press the '+' button to create a maker symbol on a new level.
    B. Pick No Color for the marker symbol
    C. Increase the size of the symbol

    [O-Image] Adding dummy level to symbol
    This will cause the TOC to create enough vertical space for the offset portion of the symbol. The extra space will prevent this symbol from overlapping with other symbols.

Article ID:000002874

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  • ArcMap 9 x

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