Manually label map features

Last Published: April 25, 2020


If the automatic labels are not providing the right look for the map being created, use the manual labels for more control over the labels for a particular map layer.


  1. Remove the auto labels by right-clicking on the layer in the layer window and selecting Edit Layer Wizard.
  2. Select the layer and click Next.
  3. Be sure the Labels box is checked and click Next.
  4. On the left side of the dialog box, uncheck the zoom level(s) where manual labels are preferred in the display rather than the auto labels. If the manual labels are needed, uncheck the uppermost box to turn the auto labels off completely.
    Edit Layer Wizard

    [O-Image] Edit Layer wizard
    This is probably the one at the top of the list.

    Click Finish. This ensures that the automatic labels are off and not posting in the same view as the manual labels.
  5. In the Layer window, make sure the layer that corresponds to the layer intended for labeling is selected.
  6. Select the records to label by one of the following methods:
    a. Use the ID tool and click on the map. The selection turns yellow.
    b. Block (select) the records in the database window and click the Select button in the database window menu.
    c. Select all the records in the database by clicking the Select All button in the database window menu.
    d. Use one of the Find tools for the map, such as Find by Circle, Find by Polygon, etc.
    e. Use the Find by Field tool to select records based on a database attribute such as 'sales greater than´┐Ż'.
  7. Click the 'Label Selection' button in the Database window toolbar, or select Database > Label Selection from the menu to label all selected records at once.
  8. To adjust the label font type or size:
    a. In pointer mode, place the cursor over one label and right-click.
    b. Select EDIT TEXT/Symbol from the context menu.
    c. Edit the font type, size, and callout as desired.
    d. Select EDIT 'Delete all TEXT/Symbols' to clear all the labels (the font only changes on the one just edited).
    e. At the database window, select 'Label Selection' again.
    f. Repeat these steps if the font still needs adjusting.

    It may be necessary to use the pointer tool and move the manual labels if they are not ideally positioned.

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