Make a project portable from UNIX to PC platforms?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Question: How to make a project portable from UNIX to PC platforms.

Answer: Insure that all files associated with the project are copied to the new PC directory and all pointers in the .apr reference the new PC directory path.

Instructions for moving projects from UNIX to PC (7.0.2 coverages in 8.3 format only):

On the workstation:
Place all data sources in one directory. Compress the data using PKZIP or copy to a diskette file. All .dbf files and info files associated with the project_name.apr must accompany the .apr to the new location.

On the PC:
Use PKUNZIP to uncompress the (data sources) or copy the data to the new PC directory from the diskette.

In the project file:
Change all the pointers to the data sources from the unix pathnames to the PC pathnames.


1. Place all datafiles in one directory (UNIX).

2. Determine whether data fits on a diskette.

- If data does not fit on one diskette, compress with PKZIP or use several diskettes.

- If data fits on one diskette, copy all files associated with the project to diskettes.

All files associated with the project include INFO files and any .dbf files involved in the project. It is a good idea to remove all joins and links before editing a copy of the .apr file and moving it to the new location.

3. Uncompress the files with PKUNZIP or copy the files from the diskettes to their new location on the PC.

4. On the unix side, copy the .apr to a new file name. Edit the new file name .apr changing the pointers in the .apr from the UNIX path name to the PC path name.

5. Review the directories both on the UNIX side and on the PC side to insure that no files from the UNIX directory have been overlooked in the foregoing file transfer procedure.

6. Open the new file name.apr on the PC.

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