LookupAGENlabel: unable to locate label from attr code 99

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

No output is created when using the S57ARC command, and the following error messages are produced (a value of 99 is used here, but it could be any number):

Scanning object file .\s57file.000
LookupAGENlabel: unable to locate label from attr code 99
Read8211FieldSubFields: unable to decode binary value for
subField label: AGEN , format: L12, value: 99
ReadObjectsIntoTable: Error reading object record 1
RecordObjectInfo: Error reading objects into hash table
OpenObjectFile: Error recording object information
ImportObjectFile: Error calling OpenObjectFile
S57obj2Arc: Error importing object file .\s57file.000
continuing processing...


The S-57 file contains an AGEN (agency), OBJL, or ATTL code that is not in the %ARCHOME%\template\S-57 files.

The S57ARC and ARC57 commands only support the published agency codes of the International Hydrographic Organization. If the S57ARC command encounters an unrecognized agency code, it will stop importing and produce the above error message.

The same problem will be encountered if the S-57 file contains a code that is more than five digits long.

Solution or Workaround

It is possible for individual agencies to introduce additional, recognizable AGEN, OBJL, or ATTL codes by adding them to the template file.

Consider the error message above, which says the S57.AGEN file is missing the AGEN code of 99. This can be solved by adding a record to the %ARCHOME%\TEMPLATES\S57\S57.AGEN file with a NACODE of 99, along with the appropriate COUNTRY, ACRONYM, and CALABEL values. If these last three values are not known, placeholder values, such as "XX", can be used (for the purpose of the conversion).

This problem has been resolved at version 8.1.2.

Article ID:000004346

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