Load data into a geodatabase created with a UML model (CASE Tools)

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Steps to loading data into a geodatabase created with the CASE Tools.


Step 2 below is required because the Simple Data Loader is not enabled for network feature classes or feature classes involved in composite relationship classes.

When creating the geometric networks in step 4, make sure you are consistent with the UML model. Use the same name for the geometric network and carefully select the complex edge feature classes. Failing to do so will prevent you from reapplying the wizard in step 5.
  1. Create the schema with the Schema Wizard.
  2. Drop any geometric networks and composite relationship classes.
  3. Load the data using the simple data loader in ArcCatalog (select the feature class, right-click, click Load Data).
  4. Build the geometric networks with the Build Geometric Network Wizard (not with the Schema Wizard).
  5. Run the Schema Wizard one more time to re-create the composite relationship classes and connectivity rules.

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