Legend font settings are not saved correctly

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Opening the Symbol Selector dialog box for a legend item does not show the correct font setting.

For example, the Legend Item 'Roads' in this map is Arial 11 pt size. However, the Symbol Selector dialog box shows Arial Bold in 15 pt size.
[O-Image] Incorrect font size displayed


The legend only stores one font symbol, which is tied to the legend title. When the text properties are changed for the legend title, the font, font size and font color are reflected in the ArcMap interface when the legend is selected.

The Symbol Selector dialog box, selected from the 'Symbol...' button on the Items tab, always shows whatever the text properties are set for the legend title. This is because it is possible to have different text properties set for every text element in the legend, so it would be difficult to show these differences in the Legend Editor.

Solution or Workaround

There are several ways to view and modify legend text properties:

  • While the Symbol Selector shows the font for the Legend title, make changes to the Legend Item's text symbol by selecting the parts of the Legend Items to apply the text symbol to from the 'Apply to ...' drop-down list.
    [O-Image] Apply to drop down
    This change of the text properties for the specified legend element is a one-off change, as the Symbol dialog box on the Items tab always shows whatever the text properties are set for the legend title when the Legend Properties dialog box is opened again.
  • View and modify the individual legend item text symbol settings in the Style dialog box.
    1. On the Legend Properties dialog box, click the Items tab and click the legend item to modify under Legend Items.
    2. Click the Style button.
    3. Click the Properties button.
    4. Click the Label Symbol button. This displays the Symbol Selector dialog box for that particular legend item.
    5. Make changes and click OK four times.

    [O-Image] Modify individual legend tiems
  • Convert the legend to graphics, ungroup the elements and manipulate each text element individually.

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