Layout exported in vector format does not work as expected

Last Published: April 25, 2020


*This issue has been resolved in ArcIMS 9.0.1*
Layout exported to a vector format of PDF, EPS, EMF, or AI may be incorrect due to the following reasons:

� The symbology of point, line and polygon features in the export layout is different from the original map.
� Layout is empty when map contains a raster.
� ArcMap server may crash when a layout is exported.


Vector layout export does not work correctly. This is a known limitation with ArcMap server on Solaris in ArcIMS 9.0.

Solution or Workaround

Export layout to a raster format of JPG, BMP, or PNG.

To avoid ArcMap Server crashes, disable all vector outputs by including PDF, EPS, EMF and AI in the property "spatialServer.ForbiddenLayoutTypes" in Esrimap_Prop file.

This file is located in the servlet folder of the webserver.

    Article ID:000006889

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