LAB file for C:\WORKSPACE\COVNAME is corrupt

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This error occurs when attempting to edit a polygon coverage:

"LAB file for C:\WORKSPACE\COVNAME is corrupt.
The number of records between the LAB and PAT do not agree."


The TABLES PURGE command was used on the coverage.

The TABLES PURGE command is supposed to be used on stand-alone INFO tables. It is not supposed to be used to remove records from a feature attribute table (FAT) like a PAT, AAT, NAT, REGION.subclass, and so forth.

If PURGE is used on an FAT, it will remove the selected records but not the associated geometry. This will corrupt the coverage since there are a greater number of features (polygons, arcs, etc.) than there are records in the FAT.

Solution or Workaround

Instead of PURGE, use the RESELECT command at the Arc prompt, or make a selection in ARCEDIT and use the PUT command.

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