Java Help System displays script errors when viewing a JavaDoc API reference on Windows machines with Microsoft Development Environments installed

Last Published: April 25, 2020


A Microsoft debugger detects and displays script errors when certain links are clicked in the Java Help System Javadoc.
[O-Image] Microsoft Debugger Error Example


This is an Eclipse Help System issue.

The problem manifests on machines with Microsoft Development Environments, where the Java Help System (JHS) is running with a Web browser that has an option turned on to detect and display script errors.

Microsoft Development Environments include:
- Visual Studio 2005
- Visual Studio 2008
- Visual InterDev 6.0/ Visual J++ 6.0
- Visual Studio 6.0


Select 'No' to continue using Javadoc.

If the user selects 'Yes', they are taken to a Microsoft debugger.

  1. Workaround for Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0:
    - Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.
    - In the 'Browsing' section, uncheck 'Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)', 'Disable Script Debugging (Other)', and 'Display a notification about every script error'.
  2. For those who do not use Internet Explorer in combination with the Microsoft Development Environments listed above, the error is trivial and non-intrusive.

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