Issue ARC commands from within an ARC subsystem (ARCPLOT, ARCEDIT, etc)

Last Published: April 25, 2020


What is the proper procedure for issuing ARC level commands while in a
subsystem (for example ARCPLOT)?


You can access ARC level commands from ARCPLOT by putting the keyword ARC in front of the ARC command, like this:

Arcplot: arc build landuse poly

You can access ARC level commands from ARCEDIT by accessing ARCPLOT using the keyword APC, then prefixing the ARC command with the keyword ARC. For example:

Arcedit: apc arc describe landuse

You can access UNIX commands from within ARC by using the &SYSTEM directive. For example:

Arc: &sys ls

You can access Arc commands from the UNIX prompt by doing this:

UNIX% arc clean cov1 outcov

ARC will process just this command and return to the UNIX prompt.

To run an AML using this method, put quotes around the &RUN commmand. In Unix, use single quotes. In DOS, use double quotes.

UNIX% arc '&r process.aml'
DOS:> arc "&r process.aml"

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