ISP channel #1 was not properly closed (INFEND)

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When executing the SAVE command in ArcEdit after an edit session that involved many changes of edit coverage or edit feature, SAVE fails with the following error message:

"ISP channel #1 was not properly closed (INFEND)"

Other ISP channel numbers may also be referenced in the error message.


ArcEdit has 10 ISP channels. One ISP channel is filled each time an edit coverage is declared, and a second ISP channel is filled when an edit feature is declared. Each time a new edit coverage or edit feature is declared, another ISP channel is filled.

This error message is returned by the SAVE command when all 10 ISP channels have been filled.

Solution or Workaround

After completing edits on a single edit coverage, use SAVE to store the edits for that coverage.

Use REMOVEEDIT ALL to completely clear the ArcEdit session, then reset the edit environment for the next edit coverage.

Article ID:000006314

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