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Is Windows 2000 supported for use with ArcIMS 3.0?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Windows 2000 is supported but with some limitations.

The following problems have been identified in ArcIMS 3.0 due to a bug in the Java Plug-in 1.2.2. Workarounds, if they exist, are given.

1. ArcIMS Manager does not work on Windows 2000; the browser gives a Dr. Watson error. The Manager Applications do not have this problem and should be used instead of ArcIMS Manager.

2. Remote Manager and Java Viewer installation do not work. To view ArcIMS web sites created with the Java Viewers, the workaround is to install JRE 1.2.2 and ArcExplorer 3.0 - Java Edition. JRE and ArcExplorer 3.0 are available from the ArcIMS CD or the ESRI web site. Once they are installed on your computer, you should be able to view ArcIMS web sites.

3. To access ArcIMS web sites created with the Java Viewers, you must use the complete URL to frame.htm. For example, /website//frame.htm. If you do not use the complete URL, the Viewer crashes when loading the web site.

4. When exiting the ArcIMS Viewer, an error message is displayed. Click OK. The error message can be ignored.

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