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Is there an Abbreviation Dictionary for commonly used street suffixes?

Last Published: August 4, 2022


The United States Postal Service website contains a list of Primary Street Suffix Names and the corresponding list of standard abbreviations. The lookup table can be found at the website below:

Postal Addressing Standards, Appendix C: C1 Street Suffix Abbreviations

This information can be the basis of an Abbreviation Dictionary file. To create a new Abbreviation Dictionary file create a new .txt file, rename it with a .dic extension and then copy and paste the Abbreviation Dictionary below into it.

* Maplex Extension Dictionary File - v1.0
*  where TYPE=[Translation|Keyword|Ending]

"Alley" Aly Ending
"Annex" Anx Ending
"Arcade" Arc Ending
"Avenue" Ave Ending
"Bayoo" Byu Ending
"Beach" Bch Ending
"Bend" Bnd Ending
"Bluff" Blf Ending
"Bluffs" Blfs Ending
"Bottom" Btm Ending
"Boulevard" Blvd Ending
"Branch" Br Ending
"Bridge" Brg Ending
"Brook" Brk Ending
"Brooks" Brks Ending
"Burg" Bg Ending
"Burgs" Bgs Ending
"Bypass" Byp Ending
"Camp" Cp Ending
"Canyon" Cyn Ending
"Cape" Cpe Ending
"Causeway" Cswy Ending
"Center" Ctr Ending
"Centers" Ctrs Ending
"Crossroad" Xrd Ending
"Curve" Curv Ending
"Circle" Cir Ending
"Circles" Cirs Ending
"Cliff" Clf Ending
"Cliffs" Clfs Ending
"Club" Clb Ending
"Common" Cmn Ending
"Corner" Cor Ending
"Corners" Cors Ending
"Course" Crse Ending
"Court" Ct Ending
"Courts" Cts Ending
"Cove" Cv Ending
"Coves" Cvs Ending
"Creek" Crk Ending
"Crescent" Cres Ending
"Crest" Crst Ending
"Crossing" Xing Ending
"Dale" Dl Ending
"Dam" Dm Ending
"Divide" Dv Ending
"Drive" Dr Ending
"Drives" Drs Ending
"Estate" Est Ending
"Estates" Ests Ending
"Expressway" Expy Ending
"Extension" Ext Ending
"Extensions" Exts Ending
"Fall" Fall Ending
"Falls" Fls Ending
"Ferry" Fry Ending
"Field" Fld Ending
"Fields" Flds Ending
"Flat" Flt Ending
"Flats" Flts Ending
"Ford" Frd Ending
"Fords" Frds Ending
"Forest" Frst Ending
"Forge" Frg Ending
"Forges" Frgs Ending
"Fork" Frk Ending
"Forks" Frks Ending
"Fort" Ft Ending
"Freeway" Fwy Ending
"Garden" Gdn Ending
"Gardens" Gdns Ending
"Gateway" Gtwy Ending
"Glen" Gln Ending
"Glens" Glns Ending
"Green" Grn Ending
"Greens" Grns Ending
"Grove" Grv Ending
"Groves" Grvs Ending
"Harbor" Hbr Ending
"Harbors" Hbrs Ending
"Haven" Hvn Ending
"Heights" Hts Ending
"Highway" Hwy Ending
"Hill" Hl Ending
"Hills" Hls Ending
"Hollow" Holw Ending
"Inlet" Inlt Ending
"Island" Is Ending
"Islands" Iss Ending
"Isle" Isle Ending
"Junction" Jct Ending
"Junctions" Jcts Ending
"Key" Ky Ending
"Keys" Kys Ending
"Knoll" Knl Ending
"Knolls" Knls Ending
"Lake" Lk Ending
"Lakes" Lks Ending
"Land" Land Ending
"Landing" Lndg Ending
"Lane" Ln Ending
"Light" Lgt Ending
"Lights" Lgts Ending
"Loaf" Lf Ending
"Lock" Lck Ending
"Locks" Lcks Ending
"Lodge" Ldg Ending
"Loop" Loop Ending
"Mall" Mall Ending
"Manor" Mnr Ending
"Manors" Mnrs Ending
"Meadow" Mdw Ending
"Meadows" Mdws Ending
"Mews" Mews Ending
"Mill" Ml Ending
"Mills" Mls Ending
"Mission" Msn Ending
"Motorway" Mtwy Ending
"Mount" Mt Ending
"Mountain" Mtn Ending
"Mountains" Mtns Ending
"Neck" Nck Ending
"Orchard" Orch Ending
"Oval" Oval Ending
"Overpass" Opas Ending
"Park" Park Ending
"Parks" Park Ending
"Parkway" Pkwy Ending
"Parkways" Pkwy Ending
"Pass" Pass Ending
"Passage" Psge Ending
"Path" Path Ending
"Pike" Pike Ending
"Pine" Pne Ending
"Pines" Pnes Ending
"Place" Pl Ending
"Plain" Pln Ending
"Plains" Plns Ending
"Plaza" Plz Ending
"Point" Pt Ending
"Points" Pts Ending
"Port" Prt Ending
"Ports" Prts Ending
"Prairie" Pr Ending
"Radial" Radl Ending
"Ramp" Ramp Ending
"Ranch" Rnch Ending
"Rapid" Rpd Ending
"Rapids" Rpds Ending
"Rest" Rst Ending
"Ridge" Rdg Ending
"Ridges" Rdgs Ending
"River" Riv Ending
"Road" Rd Ending
"Roads" Rds Ending
"Route" Rte Ending
"Row" Row Ending
"Rue" Rue Ending
"Run" Run Ending
"Shoal" Shl Ending
"Shoals" Shls Ending
"Shore" Shr Ending
"Shores" Shrs Ending
"Skyway" Skwy Ending
"Spring" Spg Ending
"Springs" Spgs Ending
"Spur" Spur Ending
"Spurs" Spur Ending
"Square" Sq Ending
"Squares" Sqrs Ending
"Station" Sta Ending
"Stravenue" Stra Ending
"Stream" Strm Ending
"Street" St Ending
"Streets" Sts Ending
"Summit" Smt Ending
"Terrace" Ter Ending
"Throughway" Trwy Ending
"Trace" Trce Ending
"Track" Trak Ending
"Trafficway" Trfy Ending
"Trail" Trl Ending
"Tunnel" Tunl Ending
"Turnpike" Tpke Ending
"Underpass" Upas Ending
"Union" Un Ending
"Unions" Uns Ending
"Valley" Vly Ending
"Valleys" Vlys Ending
"Viaduct" Via Ending
"View" Vw Ending
"Views" Vws Ending
"Village" Vlg Ending
"Villages" Vlgs Ending
"Ville" Vl Ending
"Vista" Vis Ending
"Walk" Walk Ending
"Walks" Walk Ending
"Wall" Wall Ending
"Way" Way Ending
"Ways" Ways Ending
"Well" Wl Ending
"Wells" Wls Ending

* [end]

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