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Is there a limit to the size of database that can be plotted on a map in BusinessMAP?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Understand that plotting such a large database by address takes time. Each time the map is redrawn, it must draw all these points on the map as well – this too takes time.

BusinessMAP does not have a database limit in the code, but computer resources may place virtual limits to the effective database size.

Tips when using a large database:

1) After plotting such a large database, it is advisable to turn off the layer until the desired zoom level and other adjustments are made. This way, BusinessMAP does not need to redraw the dots until all adjustments are made and the database layer is turned back on.

2) If the database is being used for color coding (coloring areas by number of points or by sales data in the database, for example), the user might select to use 'no symbol' for this layer in the layer properties.

3) Pressing the escape key will stop the redraw. This is handy if there is not quite enough desired zoom, etc., after creating a partial redraw.

4) Lastly, to speed up plotting the database, plot by ZIP Code or Lat/Long.

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