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Is there a checklist available for publishing ArcPad services?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Use the following checklist when configuring ArcPad services for publishing:

In ArcCatalog, ensure that the following conditions exist:

· All SDE feature classes contain the GlobalID field.
· Each SDE feature dataset is 'Registered as Versioned'.
· If data is accessed through ArcSDE, check the Spatial Database Connection properties in ArcCatalog, and make sure the option to save the user name and password is selected. The user name and password are then saved in the map document that uses data through this connection.
· Map documents are saved and authorized with ArcPad Data Manager Tool. Data checked out as a background layer cannot be synced back to the server.
· Read and write file permissions are given to the SOC account for the folder where the .mxd file is saved.

In the ArcGIS Server and data directory configuration, ensure that the following conditions exist:

· The http://(usersserverwebsite)/arcgis/services?wsdl page displays a meaningful XML page. If not, the server is not set up properly for web access.
· The SOM/SOC account is able to access the ArcGIS Server output folder which contains 'arcpadpublications' folder.

To set up the file and share permissions for the SOC and the SOM account, refer to ArcGIS Server online help:

Configuring a multiple-machine deployment
Publish service in ArcCatalog
· Give your new service a unique name that has not been previously used. Even if the previous service has been deleted, using the old name may cause unexpected behavior and create confusing texts in log files.
· For ArcPad 8.0 Service Pack 1, is a limitation in that services should not be published under a subfolder.

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