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Is it possible to reuse control points from one raster to another?

Last Published: April 26, 2020


A control point is an accurately surveyed coordinate location for a physical feature that can be identified on the ground. Control points are used to improve the spatial accuracy of all other points.

It is possible to reuse control points from one raster to another for georeferencing only if the link table the control points were originally created in is saved as a file and the raster is in the same location as the previous raster. The link table must be saved because the control points can only be extracted during the session in which the control points are created.

To apply the control points from one raster to another, use the following instructions.

1. Georeference the raster image by adding the control points.
2. View the control points by selecting Link Table
from the Georeferencing toolbar.
3. Save the link table. The link table is saved as a text file.

4. Add a new raster image. Ensure the extent of the raster data is identical.
5. In the Link Table dialog box, add the previously saved link table to apply the identical control points. The control points are applied on the new raster data.

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