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Is it possible to reconfigure a connection to the License Manager after the connection is lost?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


No, users (that is, clients) cannot configure the connection between ArcGIS License Manager and an ArcGIS application because ArcGIS uses Flexera FlexNet Publisher to manage the licenses. This requires communication between the client and the ArcGIS License Manager.

When a connection to the License Manager is lost, an error message is displayed. Once the message is closed, reconnection attempts are automatically made two minutes later, and this process is repeated five times until the connection is re-established. If a connection still cannot be made, the License Manager should be checked.

It may be necessary to restart the License Manager, or the network connection between the client machine and the license server may be interrupted.

For further inquiries regarding back-end of connections to the License Manager, please refer to the Flexera Knowledge Base

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