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Is it possible to implement custom widgets made using ArcGIS API for JavaScript into ArcGIS Online apps?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


No, it is not possible to implement custom widgets made using ArcGIS API for JavaScript into an application hosted in ArcGIS Online. While it is possible to attach code to an ArcGIS Online web application, attaching code only allows other users to retrieve the code as an attachment and the code does not take effect on the app when it is viewed. This is by design, since ArcGIS Online is hosting the application and the customization of apps is limited to the settings available in the Configurable Template or Web AppBuilder.
Refer to the following resource, ArcGIS Online Help: Item details, under App Settings, to learn more about adding Code Attachments to an app item.
Alternatively, the app templates available in ArcGIS Online can be downloaded, customized and then hosted on a local server. The customized app can then be added as an Item to ArcGIS Online Content and registered. For more information about adding customized applications as items refer to the resource, ArcGIS Online Help: Add apps. For more information on hosting an application on a web server, the following resource can be helpful, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: Deploy your app.

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