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Is it possible to directly access ArcGIS Data Store’s databases?

Last Published: April 25, 2023


The ArcGIS Data Store is a critical component of ArcGIS Enterprise.

Depending on the capabilities enabled, the ArcGIS Data Store provides:

  • Relational data store – stores hosted feature layer data, output layers from standard feature analysis tools and mission data.
  • Tile cache data store – stores caches for hosted scene layers
  • Spatiotemporal big data store – stores real-time observational data generated by server roles and apps that rely on location sharing and GeoAnalytics tools
  • Graph store – stores knowledge graphs
  • Object store – caches query responses for hosted feature layers.

Each of these capabilities use differing underlying technologies which are customized and purpose built to support ArcGIS Enterprise use case requirements.

None of these datastores are intended to be directly accessed by users. Instead, they are accessed by ArcGIS Enterprise and exposed indirectly to users via web services.

Direct access to the underlying technologies that support ArcGIS Data Store is unsupported.

Communication flows between ArcGIS Data Store and other component flows of ArcGIS Enterprise and the TCP ports used for these flows are described in the following documentation:

In a properly architected deployment, firewalls or other technologies like IPsec are used to limit access to these ports beyond the requirements specified.

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