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Is it possible to control the zoom extent of an ArcGIS Online web map?

Last Published: April 26, 2020


Yes, it is possible to limit the zoom extent of an ArcGIS Online web map. When opening a web map, it is launched at the default extent. There is a way to set the limit for zoom-out extent for a hosted feature service by setting the visible scale range in ArcGIS Online. However, the set visible range option does not work on a blank web map.

The zoom extent (both maximum and minimum) is dictated by the basemap tiling scheme. The functionality to limit zoom extent is currently not supported using Esri basemaps. Users can create their own cached map services with the custom extent, which requires ArcGIS for Server. Refer to the following ArcGIS for Server tutorial page: Creating a cached map service.

Users can also publish tile map services on ArcGIS Online, and use these services as a basemap. Refer to the following help page for more details: HowTo: Set a custom scale range for a tile service in ArcGIS Online .

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