Invalid Topology [NO_NEW_COVER] Failed to execute (FeatureClassToCoverage)

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Exporting a shapefile or geodatabase feature class to an ArcInfo coverage returns the following error message:

"Invalid Topology [NO_NEW_COVER]
Failed to execute (FeatureClassToCoverage_1)"


Users must have write permission to the workspace where the coverage is to be created, as well as to the Program Files directory in which the ArcGIS Desktop application is installed.

This restriction applies to all versions of the program.

Solution or Workaround

Using Windows utilities, change the permissions on the ArcInfo workspace where the output data is to be created, and on the Program Files directory where ArcGIS Desktop is installed.

An ArcInfo workspace cannot be created in a location that has spaces in the path to the folder.

  1. Start Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the ArcInfo workspace where the new coverage is to be written.

    The output workspace must be on the local hard drive, not in a network location.

  3. Right-click the workspace folder and select Properties.
  4. Uncheck the Read-only box and propagate those permissions to the files within the folder.
  5. If user does not have sufficient privileges to change permissions on the directory, direct the output of the export process to a location where the user has write-access on the local hard drive.
  6. If the user does not have write-access to any directory, contact a System Administrator to have permissions changed to allow write-access to a directory.
  7. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the install location for ArcGIS Desktop, and grant the USER group MODIFY permissions on the 'bin' folder.

Article ID:000009190

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