Invalid SDE transaction or Spatial Reference for output is invalid

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When inserting a feature or creating a spatial index, the following error message may be encountered:

"Invalid SDE transaction ID"

Or, when executing a geoprocessing tool, the following error message may be encountered:

"ERROR 000372: Spatial Reference for output is invalid"


After applying the Spatial Reference Consistency Patch and upgrading an Oracle geodatabase, client applications that do not have the Spatial Reference Consistency Patch applied can encounter errors when editing, creating spatial indexes or when executing geoprocessing tools.

To prevent further geodatabase spatial reference inconsistencies by geodatabase client applications without the Spatial Reference Consistency Patch, triggers are added to several geodatabase data dictionary objects during the upgrade. The triggers prevent non-patched applications from reintroducing spatial reference inconsistencies.

The specific bugs that cause the spatial reference inconsistencies include:

Oracle errors, ORA-29877, ORA-20085 and ORA-06512 are encountered when attempting to make object schema changes, spatial index changes, add Global IDs, registering data as versioned (Register as Versioned tool), or creating a raster dataset in ArcCatalog after upgrading certain ArcSDE 10.0 Oracle geodatabases.

Editing data that was upgraded from ArcSDE 9.3 to ArcSDE 10.1 returns the error, "ORA-20085: Insert Spatial Reference SRID 2274 does not match dataowner.A833.SHAPE registered Spatial Reference SRID 3."

To avoid the errors described above, it is recommended that the Spatial Reference Consistency Patch be applied to all client applications connecting to an Oracle geodatabase.

Solution or Workaround

Apply the ArcGIS 10.2.1 Spatial Reference Consistency Patch.
Apply the ArcGIS 10.2.2 Spatial Reference Consistency Patch.

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