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Last Published: August 4, 2020

Error Message

Workbooks containing data from an ArcGIS connection using web-tier authentication (IWA, PKI, or LDAP) fail to export.


The failure occurs when the ArcGIS Enterprise setup uses double gated authentication (in other words, web-tier authentication is used on both Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server. The error will not occur if the setup uses web-tier authentication for Portal for ArcGIS only.

Solution or Workaround

Copy the datasets from the ArcGIS connection to your workbook before exporting the workbook package.

  1. Click the Dataset options button and select Copy to workbook from the menu. Repeat for each dataset from the ArcGIS connection.
  2. Click the Analysis view button and update the inputs in the model to use the copied datasets.
  3. Delete the original datasets from the ArcGIS connection.

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  • ArcGIS Insights 2020

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