Invalid pagesize

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When using ArcPress for ArcInfo Workstation on the DOS command line or prompt, the following error is displayed:

"Invalid pagesize"


This occurs when the pagesize (-P:<x,y>) flag has been entered incorrectly, especially when the y value is missing.

This can also occur in local environments that use the opposite decimal and digit grouping symbols than English, causing an incorrectly formatted -P:<x,y>.

Solution or Workaround

When using a local environment or install of Windows that uses a comma ',' for the decimal symbol and a period '.' for the digit grouping symbol:

Format the x,y page coordinates to follow the OS decimal and digit grouping symbol. You may need to include an additional ',' to differentiate the x value from the y value.

For example, if the page size is 80,5cm x 123,7cm, then the x,y coordinates should be:


The operating system will automatically convert the '80,5' into '80.5' and the '123.7' to '123.7' before sending it to ArcPress, while ignoring the ',' in between the two numbers.

In cases where the x value is a whole number, for example 80cm x 123,7cm, the flag should look like this:


Remember that when using a period '.' as the digit grouping symbol, applying the ArcPress flag for changing units (-u:<upi>), using -u:2.54 will not convert the units to centimeters but rather set the 1" to equal 254 units! Be sure to set the units per inch flag like this:


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