Invalid output window

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Using RESAMPLE on a grid returns the following error message:

Grid: out_grd = resample (in_grd, 30)
Invalid output window


The resampling resolution specified represents a cell size which is larger than the entire input grid extent.

This situation is most likely to occur when trying to resample a grid that is in geographic coordinate system and the cellsize is specified in linear units. An example of this problem would be a grid whose coordinates represent units of decimal degrees, the grid extent covers one decimal degree in both the x and y directions, and the output resolution specified is 30. The entire input grid would fit in one small section of a single, large output cell.

Solution or Workaround

Use the DESCRIBE command to view the boundary coordinates and cell size of the input grid. The extents of the grid can be calculated by subtracting the minimum boundary coordinates from the maximum:

range in x = xmax - xmin
range in y = ymax - ymin

Make sure the output cellsize is a fraction of the input ranges.

Note: An example of the output of DESCRIBE for a grid can be found in the ArcInfo Help documentation for DESCRIBE.

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