Invalid item value found in index for mapsection

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This error occurs when using INDEXITEM to index a polygon attribute item GIS_LK for the library layer MGDSTD. The map library name is FORESTLIB and 5770 is a tile workspace for the library.

Arc: LIBRARIAN forestlib
LIBRARIAN Version 7.2.1 Patch 2
You have set Standard library forestlib with Administrator Access.
Librarian: INDEXLAYER mgdstd poly gis_lk
Invalid item value found in index for mapsection D:\KIBRRIES\FORESTLIB\ 5770\mgdstd.
Index not created.



Solution or Workaround

Upgrade to ArcInfo version 8.0.2 or later.

Article ID:000002392

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