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Last Published: February 14, 2022


Infographic starter templates are a curated set of ready-to-use infographics with unique designs and key demographics. The templates are needed by the GeoEnrichment service to create infographic reports. The templates contain metadata about the infographic’s layout, styling, and the demographic attributes being requested.
Infographics are created primarily in ArcGIS Business Analyst applications. For Business Analyst Enterprise deployments, there is a utility provided in the downloadable resources for publishing the templates as portal items (Section B). Also provided in the downloadable resources are application files to enable infographics in ArcGIS Pro when connected to an Enterprise portal (Section C).   

Starting at version 10.9.1 of Business Analyst Enterprise, installations of ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server with 2021 U.S data include the starter templates in the standard data installation. If using version 10.9.1 with the 2021 U.S. data installed, skip Section B below.


  1. Download resources
    Download and extract these files:

There are three folders:

  • starter-infographic-templates: A collection of standard ready-to-use infographic templates used by all Business Analyst apps.
  • gallery-infographic-templates: A collection of additional templates that have been designed and curated by Esri staff that can be published alongside the standard infographics.
  • InfographicsPlayer: Application files that enable the Infographics capability in ArcGIS Pro when connected to an Enterprise portal.
  1. Publish Starter Infographic Templates
    The publish infographics utility requires Python 3. The recommended workflow is to run the utility on any machine with ArcGIS Server installed, where Python 3 is already installed with all needed libraries. If running the utility on a machine without ArcGIS Server installed, Python 3 can be installed manually. A manual installation requires Python to be added as an environment variable and the requests library to be installed, for example, pip install requests.

    To publish the standard templates, run publishinfographics.bat (Windows) or (Linux).
  1. For Windows, double-click publishinfographics.bat. It searches for Python 3 in the system.
  2. Enter the host name of the portal machine without https://, for example,
    • There may be a warning about the connection being unsecured because the connection to the portal is through port 7443. Enter y or yes to continue.
  3. Enter the primary portal administrator, this is a built-in user such as the initial administrator account.
  4. Enter the portal administrator password.
  5. The tool connects to the portal and publishes the infographic templates.
  1. Deploy the infographics player
    Deploying the infographics player for Pro enables the Infographics tool in ArcGIS Pro when connected to an Enterprise portal.
  • Copy and paste the InfographicsPlayer folder into the portal apps directory: portal directory/apps/
  • For example, C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\apps\InfographicsPlayer

The parameters of the publish infographics utility are shown in the table below.

-h; -helpShow the help message
-u; -userBuilt-in admin username for ArcGIS Portal 
-p; -passwordPassword for ArcGIS Portal user
-P; -portalPortal domain E.g.
-i; -insecureAllow connections to portal sites without a trusted certificate
-pythonPython 3 location
-f; -forceDo not check infographics revision date (re-publish all infographics).

Example usage:

publishinfographics.bat -u portaladmin -p secret -P

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