Install ArcStorm on Windows NT

Last Published: April 25, 2020


A guide to installing ArcStorm on Windows NT, including the installation of the portmap service.


  1. Install the portmap as an NT service:
    d:\ inst_pm c:\arcexe80\bin\portmap.exe

  2. Start the portmap from the command line:
    d:\ net start portmap
    The portmap service is starting.
    The portmap service was started successfully.

    You can also start it from the services panel.

    1) Open the Services window.

    Windows NT 4.0:
    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services

    Windows 2000:
    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

    2) Highlight the service you wish to start.

    3) Click the Start button.

  3. Install the wservice as an NT service.

    The wservice must be installed and started by the ArcStorm DBA that will be creating and administering the ArcStorm databases.

    Ensure that the wservice does not currently exist as a service and that it is not running as a console application.

    Use the WS command from the DOS command line to install the wservice. Example:

    D:\ ws install automatic account avworld\ashl2524 logfile C:\temp\wslog.log

    Once the service is installed, start the wservice using the control panel services window. You may also start it from the command line:

    D:\ net start arcstormwservice

  4. Test the wservice from a DOS Command Prompt using the RPCINFO command. If the command returns the following, the weather service is up and running:
    d:\ rpcinfo -p
    program vers proto port
    300226 70 tcp 755
    300226 710 tcp 755
    300226 70 udp 752
    300226 710 udp 752

  5. Make sure the ws command works:
    d:\ ws env

  6. Make a new Database:
    d:\ mkdb testdb <server-name>

  7. Start the Database:
    d:\ ws start testdb

  8. Start an ASUSER process:
    d:\ se testdb
    schemaedit: connectuser
    Started DBA user connection

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