Ink or markup disappears in ArcMap Data view after drawing

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When using the tools on the Tablet toolbar to markup a map with ink or to highlight in the Data view, the ink disappears.
This behavior originates in the map document or MXD created in ArcMap and is transferred to published maps or PMF that are read in ArcReader.


The Markup/Ink tools create graphic elements that are stored in the active annotation target layer Default. The graphic elements do not draw if the Default annotation group is turned off.

Solution or Workaround

Turn the default annotation on in ArcMap.

  1. Navigate to File > Data Frame Properties and select the Annotation Groups Tab.
  2. Check on the Default Annotation group.
  3. Republish the map for use in ArcReader.

Article ID:000009183

  • ArcReader
  • ArcMap

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