Index_mask for SE_table_rebuild_index is not defined in SDE C client

Last Published: April 25, 2020


A C-API program that rebuilds indexes on tables using SE_table_rebuild_index cannot be compiled even though it uses a valid index mask.

Supported index masks include:

SE_INDEX_RASTER - Rebuilds the indexes for the Raster tables.
SE_INDEX_SPATIAL - Rebuilds the spatial index table.
SE_INDEX_XML - Rebuilds the XML indexes.
SE_INDEX_VERSIONED - Rebuilds the indexes for the Adds and Deletes tables.
SE_INDEX_ALL - Rebuilds all valid indexes on the ArcSDE table.

The compile fails with the following error message:

"Index_mask for SE_table_rebuild_index is not defined in SDE C client"


The index mask constants are not defined in the ArcSDE C-API include files.


To compile and build a program that uses SE_table_rebuild_index, define the following constants in the code:

#define SE_INDEX_RASTER (1)
#define SE_INDEX_SPATIAL (1<<1)
#define SE_INDEX_VERSIONED (1<<2)
#define SE_INDEX_XML (1<<3)
#define SE_INDEX_ALL (1<<4)

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