Incorrect values appended when using Address Coder 10.7.1 with Esri 2019 data update

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Business Analyst data appended to records during geocoding using Address Coder is incorrect and produces errors when using Esri USA 2019 data. If you compare the Business Analyst data appended to the geocoded record to values from Data Append tool, the records will not be correct.  There will also be an error produced when “Take a Glance at a Single Address” tool is executed.


This is an issue with Address Coder when using Esri USA 2019 data because incorrect IDs are used when retrieving block groups.


As a workaround, it is recommended to use the ArcMap Business Analyst ‘Append Data’ to add Business Analyst data to your records. To append the block group data to your records, you must create a trade area of block groups, append Business Analyst, and then use a spatial join to determine which block groups are associated with the geocoded points. The following describes the general steps required to append the data.

  1. Geocode your data using Address Coder
  2. Create a Trade Area using block groups
  3. Enrich the trade area with Business Analyst variable(s)
  4. Create a spatial join between the geocoded points layer and the enriched layer
  5. Append the variables from the enriched layer to the geocoded points layer

A patch will be released for Address Coder (10.6, 10.6.1, 10.7,10.7.1) to resolve this issue. The patch will also remove Mapping_CEX variables for Esri 2019 Data update only.

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