Improve performance when geocoding a table against a large reference geocoding index

Last Published: April 25, 2020


SQL Server: You can dramatically improve geocoding performance by creating a clustered covering index on the SX,XID columns of the geocoding index table.


Execute the Transact-Sql CREATE INDEX command against your geocoding index table. Identify your geocoding index table by running the sdelocator command with the -o describe option. For example:

sdelocator -o describe -n citystreets -i 9000 -u geocode -p find_address -D idb

This command will return a long list. At the bottom, locate a string similar to this:

RD.Val.IdxTable1 = idb.DBO.GC_SS582

Use this table in your CREATE INDEX statement:

Create clustered index idxGC_Cov on dbo.GC_SS582(SX,XID)

You can also create an index with the Enterprise Manager.

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