Importing JTX queries does not import the expected information

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Importing JTX queries does not import the entire query, and/or clauses are not imported into the correct text box on the form.

For example, the information that is expected to appear in the Select clause is displayed in the Name As text box.


This is caused by a limitation with the .jtq file format used to export and import JTX queries. This format consists of each clause on its own line; therefore, if any of the clauses in the query to be exported contain a new line character or white space, the format is corrupted.


There are two different ways to correct this issue. The first is to ensure that no clause contains a newline character before exporting it. If the query has been exported, and only the .jtq file is available, the following steps can be used to repair it.

  1. Open .jtq file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  2. Examine each line of the file to ensure each line of the file contains the complete clause. Each line should contain the following:

    Line 1 - From clause
    Line 2 - Select clause
    Line 3 - Name As clause
    Line 4 - Order By clause
    Line 5 - Where clause

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