Import an Excel worksheet into Access and open it in ArcLogistics Route

Last Published: April 25, 2020



The best way to open a table in ArcLogistics Route is to create an Access .mdb file. If you have created an Excel .xls worksheet, you can import that into Access and then open the database in ArcLogistics Route using the steps below.


1. Start Access and select a new database
2. Navigate to where you want to save the file
3. Assign a name to your .mdb file and click Create
4. Click New
5. Select Import Table and click OK
6. Navigate to where the Excel worksheet is
7. Select file of type, .xls and click Import
8. Select the sheet to import
9. Click Next
10. Click the box to select the first row for column headings
11. Click Next
12. Click New Table
13. Click Next
14. Specify the field name and whether you will perform indexing
15. Click Next
16. Select 'Choose own primary key' and select a column for the key
17. Click Next
18. Assign a name to the table and click finish
19. Click OK
20. Quit Access

You can now import the Access .mdb into ArcLogistics Route instead of bringing in the Excel worksheet.

Details for each window of the import process is explained in the window itself.

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