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If annotation from a DXF file is stored in different layers or levels, will these levels be preserved when the DXF file is converted into a coverage?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


All of the annotation is placed into an annotation subclass called DXF; however, each layer represents a unique annotation level and is stored in the subclass in sequential order. The sequential order can be determined by reviewing the output of DXFINFO.

To build the attribute tables ANNO.DXFTXT and ANNO.DXFTAT after executing the DXFARC command, run BUILD:

Arc: build <cover_name> anno.dxf

After running BUILD for the annotation feature class, attributes are visible in ArcEdit. Select features and run the LIST command to view pseudo-items that include layer names.

Arcedit: ef anno.dxf
Arcedit: select all
ArcEdit: list $all

See the DXFINFO and DXFARC command references in the ArcInfo Workstation Help (ArcDOC) for more information about DXF conversion.

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