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I have an existing Raster Catalog object. Can I use it with Military Analyst?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


A Military Analyst (MA) RPF catalog can be described very simply as a Raster Catalog with special fields. Hence, you can create such a catalog by hand, or, if you have an existing Raster Catalog, make it usable with the MA extension (and have Best Map Set behavior, for example) just by adding the appropriate fields.

The MA RPF catalog requires the fields of PRODUCT, SERIES, SCALE and FULL_NAME, in addition to the normal Raster Catalog fields. The field names are not case sensitive. Add these fields to a Raster Catalog to make the catalog usable with Military Analyst. For information on adding fields, see “Adding and deleting fields in a table” in the ArcGIS Desktop Help.

The following paragraphs describe in more detail the fields that you will add to create an RPF catalog. If you are using the “Add Field” tool in ArcToolbox to create your new fields, the text field referred to here is the Field Length field. If you are adding the fields through a table in ArcMap, the text field is called Length. Note that for the text fields, the lengths specified here for the Field Length/Length field are the minimum recommended lengths. The catalog will not load data, for example, if the PRODUCT Length field has a value of only 10, but your record for that field is more than ten characters long.

The Field Length/Length sets the maximum number of allowable characters for each record of a text field. PRODUCT, SERIES and FULL_NAME are all text fields. The minimum recommended value of the PRODUCT length field is 25. The minimum value of the SERIES length field is 5. The minimum value of the FULL_NAME length field is dependent on the full name of the path to your raster data on disk. The length of the field must be at least enough characters to accommodate this full path name. The SCALE field is a long integer value. A precision value is not required, and NULL values are acceptable for all of the fields.

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