Hyperlinks fail to work in an attribute table

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Hyperlinks, which can be listed in an attribute table using a Text field and opened in ArcMap, sometimes fail to open. The link does not open using either the Identify, Hyperlink, or HTML Popup tool.

An error message similar to the following is returned:

[O-Image] Please make sure the path is correct and the document exists


This issue may occur due to the following potential issues.

  • The data source has changed.
  • The file path name is written incorrectly (for example, case-sensitivity issues.)

Solution or Workaround

  • Ensure that hyperlinks are enabled in the feature layer.
    1. Right-click the feature in the Table of Contents, and select Properties.
    2. In the Layer Properties dialog, click the Display tab.
    3. In the Hyperlinks box, check the Support Hyperlinks using field option, and select the desired behavior for the hyperlinks (open the Document, open in a browser URL, or send to Script).
    4. Click Apply, and click OK to close the Layer Properties dialog.
To directly associate hyperlinks to multiple documents for features, use the Identify tool. Refer to the following knowledge base article, HowTo: Display an image using the Identify tool, for further details. 
  • Ensure the listed path is correct. Hyperlinks and local document paths may be case-sensitive. Additionally, review the file types for the correct suffix. For example, .doc vs .docx.

    If the path to all hyperlink data has been changed, and the path is known, see Managing hyperlink paths in the ArcGIS Help document, Using Hyperlinks in the Related Information section below.
  • Create a new field and update the hyperlink text.
    1. ​Open the attribute table for the feature class.
    2. Click the drop-down for Table Options, and select Add Field.
    3. Start an edit session in ArcMap. Select Start Editing in the Editor toolbar.
    4. Back in the attribute table, provide a name to the new field, change the Type to text, and set the Length value.
The Length number must fit the character count of the hyperlinks. Use a longer Length value if needed.
  1. Copy and paste the image hyperlinks in the new field created created above. Close the attribute table.
When pasting the hyperlink, delete the quotation marks at the front and the end of the pasted hyperlink.
  1. In the Tools toolbar, click the HTML Popup icon. Click any feature on the map. The pop-up has a hyperlinked link to the image or the image folder.

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