HTML Viewer loads layers, but there is no map, just a no-image icon (box with red X)

Last Published: April 25, 2020


My HTML Viewer web site loads with the correct layers listed on the LayerList, but there is no map image, just a no-image icon (usually a small box with a red X in it). I go to the output directory and see the image files. Why aren't they being displayed in the viewer?


The MapService properties are incorrect.

Solution or Workaround

Check the MapService properties for the output directory and URL. Make sure that these two point to the same location.

Check to see if the URL points to an actual virtual directory set in the web server configuration. Add the domain to the URL, if necessary.

NOTE: Some web servers (such as Apache) are case sensitive, and require multiple aliases to accommodate the variations in capitalization. A text file is provided with the ArcIMS installation.

Article ID:000002212

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