View a computer's IP address


Instructions provided describe how to check the IP address of your computer, as seen by ArcWeb Services. When using a proxy server, sometimes it is 'seen' as two different IP addresses based on whether the request is through http or https.

Or, the proxy server might be 'seen' as a different IP address with every request.

Either situation can cause error messages in ArcWeb Services.


To test how ArcWeb Services 'sees' your IP address, use the following Web pages.

ArcWeb Server 1 - http (
ArcWeb Server 1 - https (
ArcWeb Server 2 - http (
ArcWeb Server 2 - https (
Compare http to https and try the same Web page several times. Check for consistency. If all four links do not result in the same IP address, speak to your network systems team to correct this before using ArcWeb Services.

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