Verify the PostScript or ArcInfo metafile is not corrupt for printing or ArcPress processing

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Corrupted PostScript, ArcInfo metafiles or printer files will not print or process properly using ArcPress.This article contains instructions on how to determine if these files are corrupted, how to recreate it to process properly with ArcPress, or print directly to the printer.


  • If processing an ArcInfo metafile, such as a graphics files (*.gra), verify it is not corrupted by displaying it using the Arc DRAW command.

    Arc: DRAW <input_file>

  • If processing a PostScript file with ArcPress, verify that the PostScript file is not corrupt by viewing it first with ArcPress.

    Use the following command with Windows, by either typing the following into the Start / Run box, or after a command DOS prompt:

    arcpress <input_file>

    ArcPress will then draw the PostScript file to the screen. If this process fails, then the PostScript file is corrupt. If elements are missing from the display, then that portion of the PostScript file is corrupt. Recreate the PostScript. If there is still a problem, then contact ESRI Technical Support.
  • If having problems printing a (*.prn)printer file, view it in a graphics application that reads .prn files, such as Corel Draw. A printer file is usually produced when printing to file with a Windows driver, and ArcMap will produce printer files when perforuming a print to file with the Windows Printer Engine.

    Also within ArcMap, there is a another method for verifying the output is ok. See the related information below for further details on debugging an export or print problem.

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